Book Review: Agile Swift.

1 minute read

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion about this book and should be considered only that, nothing more.

image-left I must admit, i am not a fan of Apress publication and i always tend to avoid books by them. In this particular case, i found title of this book interesting and book was small too, only 180 pages, which seduced me to read this book.

Here is my review,

Frankly this book is average one. This only gives you introduction about various tools, frameworks and TDD. It touches testing frameworks like Nimble and Quick, Mocking frameworks like Cuckoo, code coverage tips, CI tools like Jenkins, linting and code review tools like SwiftLint, SwiftFormat and SonarQube. So basically it gives you an idea about good iOS development workflow. Now if that was the idea behind writing this book, i think it is somewhat successful in that regard but if you are a serious iOS developer, there is a good chance that you must have heard of most of these things.

Now if you have not heard about above mentioned frameworks and tools then i would suggest please go read it as each one of these is too important to be ignored. Also book is too small and can be finished within 2 hours if you are only looking for introduction to various tools described.

Since this book did not offer much, i skimmed through another one Swift Essential by Dr. Alex Blewitt, but to my disappointment this was too for beginner, finished in 15 minutes. Looks like i need to be careful in choosing good ones. For now i know avoid books from every other publisher. As they say start with best books first because you will never have enough time to read them all.

Happy Coding.