Book Review: Becoming a better programmer.

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Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion about this book and should be considered only that, nothing more.

image-left If i have to recommend a book to my fellow developers who want to be better in art of software development; this is the one. This is one of those books to which i keep going back to.

Here is my personal opinion about this book.

There are many things which i like about this book, the style of writing is great. Usually most of the books of this kind get boring as you proceed, some have content which you feel is too basic and appears to you as a waste of time, sometimes you get lost in lot of technical details and sometimes the narration is too boring that you end up quitting. I rarely find a programming book so good that you want to finish in one go. Well, this is the one which do not have these shortcomings or at least i think so.

The chapters are short which you can read independently without worry about the order. It feels like a collection of stories with each chapter having lesson to teach and each lesson feels like coming from a teacher who has lot of real world experience to which i can relate to as i see same things happening in my professional career almost on daily basis.

Lets talk about the content. It feels like a box of chocolate which has sweetness packed for everyone, no matter what your experience is. It covers a vast number of topics from writing better code to finish the project with proper release process, the individual and team effort of developers, the social aspect of programming and lessons about how one developer can improve himself. The real world examples and stories from writer’s personal experience tell a tale which makes it hard for reader to put it down. Also the way Pete uses quotes from various writers, kindles your interest in literature.

Bibliography I also judge a book by its Bibliography as it tells how well read a author is. Pete gives reference to few selected books but each one of them is classic in its own sense and it feels like those books are must read too, the very definition of short, sweet and effective reference list.

One obvious thing in this book shows is Pete’s interest in literature as he uses the quotes from various writers in his book which, i must admit rekindled my love for literature which died when i went to college.

Overall, a must read book. Highly recommended.