Book Review: Clean Code.

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Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion about this book and should be considered only that, nothing more.

image-left I read this book because i wanted to be better in art of software development. This books explain how we all can learn to make our code better, irrespective of language we work with. Basically it teaches universal rules which any developer can follow to improve himself.

Here is my personal opinion about this book.

I have read few more books about writing clean code and frankly this book felt like that i have read this book in past. Material in all these books is almost identical therefore i have a feeling that reading one such book is sufficient. Now if you are reading these kind of books first time then definitely this offers some value but even then if you have enough experience in software development there is much less in this which you can learn. Frankly i feel if you are inexperienced developer exposed to reading first time only then there is some value this book offers.

Lets talk about the content. This books covers topics from Naming conventions, formatting/ordering/structure of classes and functions, importance of documentation, comment, error handling, Unit Testing and Test Driven development. This also has two chapters devoted to concurrency. There is a strange thing that chapter 17 almost feels like summary of entire book and i feel if you want to finish this book in 30 minutes this is the one chapter you should read. The content seems much inspired from work of Martin Fowler and if you have read his books then you can skip this book.

Bibliography I also judge a book by its Bibliography as it tells how well read a author is. Robert C. Martin wins here. I found many interesting books and authors in Bibliography. Reading Bibliography is just like starting a chain reaction which creates a never ending list of books which you want to read. I found some new books for myself in Clean Code’s Bibliography. I’ll keep you posted about my new reading list.

Happy Coding.