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I am Aashish Dhawan, iOS Developer currently working as freelance iOS Engineer. Even though I studied as Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer I became interested in mobile development back in 2011 and I’ve been doing that since then. I’ve worked for companies like ChaiOne and moldedbits. I also played an important role in developing iOS SDK for AppIterate.

I am using this platform to share what i learn about mobility and software development. I have interests in reading/writing and photography.


  • Setup project with an scalable structure and connect it with a CI environment.
  • Interaction with RESTful Web APIs.
  • Good working knowledge of Git Workflow.
  • Local persistence on databases, experience with CoreData and Realm.
  • CocoaPods/Carthage experience to setup different build configurations and integration with libraries/frameworks
  • Strong layout experience, I like to use Storyboards.
  • Mobile Architectures for scalable and modular apps.
  • Release processes using versioning tools, tagging, branch management, fastlane, continuous delivery.

Other Skills

  • Experience in Android, i have around 1 year experience in Android. Although i am not a full time Android developer but i am fairly comfortable with Android world.
  • Ruby on Rails: A bit of experience in RoR which comes handy while working with Ruby gems and RESTful APIs built with RoR.

Played With

  • Python, Django.
  • PhoneGap, Ionic Framework.
  • JavaScript.
  • Shell Scripting, PHP and MySQL.
  • .NET.

Work experience

DSYN Media

I started with DSYN Media back in 2011 fresh out of the college. It was Mobility service provider. I learned a lot here and it built a great base for me to advance my career. I improved my knowledge on areas like data storage, API interactions, Core Data, mobile architectures, Objective-C patterns. Moreover I had the opportunity to develop for the Android team too which for me was a good chance to dive into the Android development.


AppIterate was incubated as a product within DSYN which started out as a services firm. AppIterate was launched as an A/B testing tool for mobiles. A/B testing is a methodology to test out two variants and experiment to find out which version works better with the audience. With the world moving towards mobile, it was becoming critical to have this functionality for mobile. I built iOS SDK single handily for AppIterate.


Headquartered in Houston, TX, ChaiONE is an Enterprise Mobility Agency with a specific focus on the energy industry.

  • Worked on many iOS projects here, peer programmed with Ben Scheirman (Chief Podcaster, NSScreencast.com).
  • Worked on many other iPhone apps like RigZone, DIRigs, VeGo etc.

Open Source projects

Actively Maintained

  • ImagePicker: ImagePicker is an all-in-one camera solution for your iOS app. It let’s your users select images from the library and take pictures at the same time. As a developer you get notified of all the user interactions and get the beautiful UI for free, out of the box, it’s just that simple. Link
  • Sugar: Sugar is a sweetener for your Cocoa implementations. Link
  • GradientKit Makes working with Gradients super easy. Link

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